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Safe Methods for Natural Breast Enhancement

Cancer is a deadly disease, whether it is of any part and prevention is the only sure from it. One of the kinds of cancer is breast cancer that develops in women from the breast cells.

The cells of breast cancer develop in the inner lining of the breast and then are spread in the whole breast. It is a kind of tumor as well which can be spread in other parts of the body as well. Breast cancer that is spread in the lobules is termed as lobular carcinoma.

Breast cancer has now become in women and without proper awareness, its spreading will not stop. There is a research that tells us that almost 19 percent of women suffering from breast cancer face death. Moreover, the ratio of breast cancer if far more in the developed countries as compared to the developing countries of the nation.

There are several reasons for breast cancer and it is most commonly found the women of age 40’s. Your lifestyle also affects the rate of breast cancer, the living style of women in developed countries and in underdeveloped countries is quite different and that’s why the ratio of breast cancer is also different.

According to one institute, there were 233,240 females that reported that they are suffering from breast cancer, and the death rate was almost 39 percent which is very high because there is no proper awareness made in the women for their betterment.


Researchers are still doing researches on breast cancer and it causes, and till now not a perfect cause has come forward. Because if one person has breast cancer it does not mean that the other one will also have it. There are few factors that affect the women’s body and they develop breast cancer. These factors are as follow:


The more you age, the more there are chances of developing breast cancer because age is the most important factor that affects the growth of breast cancer. The researchers say that around 75 percent of the people develop breast cancer when their ages are 40 to 50.


Breast cancer spread among families, of someone in your relatives had breast cancer, and then there are many chances that you will also develop breast cancer. But if two different families have the issue of breast cancer, which will not transfer to the other family, because it is in genes and two families would have different genes. Breast cancer has become very common these days but the majority of the people who suffer from breast cancer does not develop it as hereditary.


The person, who had breast cancer in the past, has the potential to develop breast cancer again, as compared to the person who has never faced this disease. Because once a body is affected by cancer it is so difficult to remove it completely, that’s why it develops again.


History tells us that women before experiencing the menopause, become fat and obese and gain weight, and such women’s have high chances of developing breast cancer. Researchers say that when women become obese the level of estrogen in their body increases which become a key factor for the development of breast cancer.

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  1. HEIGHT:

According to science, the women who have taller height have more potential to develop breast cancer in contrast to women with short height and the reason for this fact is still not known because the scientists are not able to answer why this happens.


Alcohol intake, for men and women both, is very dangerous because it harms your body and you immunity level also decreases. In the case of women alcohol consumption is the key factor that produces breast cancer cells. Over consumption of alcohol can led to death at a very young age. Researchers have found that people who consume alcohol a lot are more likely to develop breast cancer.


Thus it is concluded that there are many causes of breast cancer, but its solution is only awareness and precautions that one should take to avoid breast cancer. On the other hand, there should be proper awareness programs in every part of the world where everyone should be trained properly that how they can take precautions to save themselves from breast cancer. Special training programs for women should have been made, where special awareness should be given to women. As we have told earlier that the rate of breast cancer is more in developed countries as compared to developing countries and it is spreading in developed countries due to their lifestyle and their habits. So, it is better to take precaution, then to be stuck in any kind of issue.

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