How to increase breast size without surgery

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It is a fact that women with bigger breasts are considered to be more feminine and pretty. Nowadays, women are more curious about the size of their boobs. They want to have bigger and fuller breasts so that they can look attractive.

They also feel more confident with fuller size bust. It is possible to increase breast size through surgery but it is quite expensive and every female cannot afford it. Moreover, surgery also results in adverse side effects. That is why it is recommended to avoid surgical options and to opt for non-surgical ways.

Breast enlargement products are also available in markets that are much economical. Breast Actives is one of those breast enhancement products. Besides these supplements, women can also use other natural ways to enhance their bust.

Keeping in view the demand of bigger size boobs, I have decided to share some effective ways to increase bust size.

1. Do regular exercise

Exercise is the most efficient and inexpensive way to enlarge boobs size. All you need to do is to choose right exercise so that you can build pectoral muscles. In this way, your bust will become firmer and larger.

Regular exercise will also strengthen and tone your chest region that will ultimately make your boobs look better.  Some of these exercises are listed below.

  • Dumbbell Fly
    Dumbbell fly is a really effective exercise for those females who are worried about their small breast size. Simply hold 5lb dumbbell in both hands while you are sitting on a chair. Your back should be straight. Slowly lift those dumbbells in an upward direction until arms reach the same level of shoulder blades. Repeat this process five times and then get back to your initial position. Do three sets of five repetitions each day.
  • Push Ups
    It is another useful workout for enlarging breast size. Women have to do regular push-ups if they want to get rid of small bust size. Lay down on your stomach with your elbows a little bent at shoulder level. Your palms must also be flat. Legs and back should also be in straight position. You can also put your knees on the floor if you feel the strain in such position. Steadily lift yourself up and do five push-ups. You must perform three sets of five repetitions on daily basis.
  • Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press
    This exercise is best for starters. First of all, lay down on the inclined bench in a flat position. After that, keep arms at 90-degree angle. Hold dumbbells in both of your hands and lift them slowly above the head. Then drop them back at the initial position. You will feel a little stretch in shoulder and chest area. Repeat these two steps 5-6 times daily.
  • Swinging Arms
    Stand straight and swing your arms in a clockwise direction. Keep swinging your arms for 5-10 minutes. Perform this exercise 2-3 times every day until you start observing improvement in your boobs’ size.

There must be adequate energy within your body for performing all these breast enlargement exercises. Use of Breast Actives also helps in boosting energy levels. Regular usage of this product will help you get sufficient energy for doing these exercises.

2. Diet

Diet also plays a significant role in increasing your bust size. Foods enriched with phytoestrogen are helpful in enlarging boobs size by 1-2 cups. Research studies have shown that phytoestrogens can trigger the release of ‘estrogen’, which is a female hormone.

Estrogen results in the better development of breast and its deficiency can decrease boobs development. Some of these foods include fenugreek seeds, carrots, wheat, chicken head soup, soy foods, legumes, sesame seeds, anise seeds, dairy products, vegetables, flax seeds, cherries, walnuts, fruits, sunflower seeds, and barley.

Also, consume healthy fats in your regular routine as these can also enhance bust size. Avoid eating unhealthy fats as these are bad for your overall health. Examples of healthy fats are eggs, peanut butter, fish, avocados, olive oil, and nuts.

Studies have revealed that radish can increase breast size as it has powerful astringent properties. Radish helps in improving blood circulation towards local tissues within the breast. In this way, your bust size will quickly increase due to the improved blood flow.

3. Regular breast massage

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Regular massage on your breasts is deemed to be an effective home remedy for naturally increasing boobs’ size. Do massage for at least 30 minutes on daily basis and you will get an increase of 1 cup size within 1 month.

Massage is helpful in increasing blood flow. Moreover, it will also raise the level of phytoestrogen within the bloodstream. Regular breast massage can also increase the secretion of prolactin, which is a breast enhancement hormone.

Rub your palms as quick as possible for 5-10 seconds. This rubbing will generate enough energy and heat. Now place your hands on boobs. Rub them again in a clockwise direction. Keep rubbing for 15 minutes.

Apply this home remedy 2 times in a day, both in morning and night time. You will notice an improvement in your breast size within 1 month.

Breast Actives also comes with the topical cream that can be used for bust massage. The ingredients within this cream can rapidly work on boobs and makes them softer.

4. Use red clover

Red clover is a beneficial herb that can naturally enlarge bust size. Other names used for red clover are Trifolium, meadow clover, sweet clover, purple clover, and cow clover. Boil some water and add 3 teaspoons dried red clover.

Drink this mixture after 10-15 minutes when it gets cool. You have to drink it 3 times in a whole day if you want firmer and bigger breast.

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Final verdict

These are best ways to increase bust size. Now you do not need to feel embarrassed due to your small boobs’ size. Try these ways and get bigger breasts of your own choice.

Do share your experience with us after applying them.

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